Cities and Climate Change: Policy Direction

This new report from the United Nation Human Settlement Programme (UN-HABITAT) shows how cities can improve the way they operate in order to respond to climate change and provide strategies for strengthening their role as part of the solution.

Housing the Poor in Asian Cities (Urdu Translation)

The quick guides are presented in a format structured to include an overview of trends and conditions, concepts , policies , tools and recommendations in dealing with urbanization, low-income housing, land, eviction, housing finance, community-based organizations and rental housing.

Summary of World Urban Forum

World Urban Forum (WUF) focuses on managing rapid urbanization as the most pressing problems confronting humanity in the 21st century. By referring to the Millennium Declaration Goal (MDG) of improving the lives of at least one hundred million slum dwellers by the year 2020, the WUFs point to addressing poverty, environment, and housing issues as urbanization becomes rapid.Download


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