Sustainable Urbanisation - Project Activities

Urban observatories – Establishing and monitoring baseline data and mapping on critical urban issues

  • a. Identify and select indicators related to 12 topics with respect to 5 concerns – institutional set up, regulatory framework, resource mobilization, performance and accountability and capacity/ constraints.
  • b. Prepare survey method that disaggregates data by settlement types, gender and income groups
  • c. Map data by eco regions, political constituencies, administrative units, police station limits, and by operational regions of services
  • d. Identify and conduct consultations with multi stakeholders including vulnerable groups
  • e. Employ and build upon existing data sources, especially District Census Reports
  • f. Statistically and qualitatively analyze information and synthesize them as urban profiles g. Create web based urban information sharing and disseminating portal
  • h. Mobilize and train stakeholders and staff

Create multi stakeholder based mechanisms for participatory urban planning and management

  • a. Establishing urban forums – stakeholder steering group for planning and management of development projects
  • b. Creating a settlement development framework for coordinating land development and management, finance (especially housing finance), service delivery, and housing, community and environmental development
  • c. Providing technical assistance to Local and Provincial government and selected communities and citizen groups to plan, construct and manage development projects/ programs
  • d. Creating inter agency participatory mechanism and knowledge management for UN agencies to coordinate inputs in the selected areas
  • e. Building Local Government capacity for financial and urban management, and in developing a resource mobilization plan

Demonstration projects improve indicators of informal settlement

  • a. Introduce and orient citizens and Government organizations in community-government component sharing and public-private partnership models, specifically for implementing National policies on Sanitation, Water Supply and Slum Upgrading
  • b. Improve implementation and contracting methods, develop appropriate procedures and tools and adapt the same to local conditions
  • c. Provide technical and management assistance to Government and community and support institutional strengthening measures

Urban Policy Development

  • a. Participate in, and advocate sustainable urbanization demands and pro-poor needs in the setting of next 5 year Plan targets, and in urban policy formulation
  • b. Organize conferences and stakeholder consultations at provincial and regional level c. Identify priority issues and promote pro-poor priorities


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