Athmuqam or Athmakam is a small city about 84 kilometers from Muzaffarabad. It is the headquarters of Neelum District. The name Athmuqam means 8th station, derived from the number of stages from both Muzaffarabad and Kel to Athmuqam. A "nullah" divides Athmuqam into two parts Athai and Athmuqam. 

Athmuqam is in a cup like valley surrounded by mountains on all sides, full of greenery and forests with deodar, pine, cheer and fir trees. For tourist interest there are two hiking tracks: one from Rawta leads to Guther and the second toward Dogga top. There are many hotels and also a resthouse managed by the Public Works Department. Athmuqam had the status of tehsil before Partition. Its official name was formerly Karna. Folk stories tell of a very advanced and congested city which was ruined by a flood, and this is supported by some archaeological evidence. Public transport like buses, wagons and jeeps are available from Muzaffarabad to Athmuqam.


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Area (sq km) 
Population 19812438
Population 19985723
Growth rate5.13
Projected Population 2010 
Pop Density/Sq KM 
HH Size7.2



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