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Muzaffarabad city is the capital of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) state and it is a gateway city from other parts of Pakistan, connected by roads to Islamabad in the south and to Abbotabad and Mansehra in the west. The city is also a gateway from Indian side of Kashmir, connected by road to Srinagar in the east. If the border, or so called Line of Control, is opened in a near future, Muzaffarabad city would be an important trading center between Pakistani and Indian sides of Kashmir. The city has a small airport, which is one of two airports in AJK. 
The city has functioned as political and administrative centers in the AJK; the secretariat of the AJK state government and Muzaffarabad district headquarters3 are both located in Muzaffarabad city. The official residences of Prime Minister and President of the AJK government are located in the city. In addition, higher education, such as university and colleges, and major medical facilities (Combined Medical Hospital) are concentrated in the city. Accordingly, Muzaffarabad city is characterized as a regional center with the functions of transportation hub as well as administrative, political and economic centers in the AJK.
Muzaffarabad is at a distance of 138 km from Rawalpindi/Islamabad and 76 km from Abbottabad. It is the administrative capital of Azad Kashmir. Behind the Old Secretariat to the east is a road climbing above the town from where one can walk up to Pir Chinasi at 2,900 meters with good views of the Jehlum Valley and the higher mountains above the Neelum to the north. From the cool of the Abbottabad Road, one can walk along the ridge looking over Jehlum and Kunhar rivers.
Muzaffarabad is located in Muzaffarabad District on the banks of the Jhelum and Neelum rivers. The district is bounded by Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa in the west, by the Kupwara and Baramulla districts of on the Indian side of the Line of Control in the east, and the Neelum District of Azad Kashmir in the north.


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Growth rate4.58
HH Size7.09
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Population 199880355
Projected Population 2010137687.6

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