Khuzdar was notified as a separate district on 1st March 1974. Previously, it was included in Kalat district. Khuzdar used to be the main city of Jhalawan state. The history of Khuzdar, like that of the rest of Balochistan, is in great obscurity. Very little definite information is available about the area before the advent of the Arabs who ousted the Rai dynasty of Sind in the 7th century. It is possible that some parts of the army of Alexander the Great traversed the country when the conqueror was in the Indus valley (presently upper Sind). The central position of Khuzdar, as the point of convergence of roads from Multan (via the Moola pass), Makran and Kandhar (province of Afghanistan), made it a very important place for the Arabs invading India. It is probable, too, that its moderate climate made the locality acceptable to them. In the time of the Arabs, Khuzdar was protected by a small fortress. The strong fortress was probably on the peak overlooking the valley, which is now known as Biradari (Shahi Bagh). An Arab poet wrote about Khuzdar, “what a beautiful country is Kusdar (Khuzdar). How distinguished are its inhabitants.”


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Area (sq km) 
Growth rate6.55
HH Size7
Pop Density/Sq KM 
Population 199891057
Projected Population 2010 
Population 198130887



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