The city area comprises of 300 square kilometer as per the sources District Government posses some land at Sarkahan UC near Jusak while the rest of the land both developed and under developed is owned by private land owners. Turbat City expansion can be extended towards east begins from Sarikahan to Shahrak UC. The existing City’s commercial center this time has no open space which may be planned for opening new markets and settlements, the city’s situation is its locked in all directions, southern part of the city possess the stipulation for residential, commercial and industrial land use but has been restricted by government offices, ziarth , airport and now a large parcels of land has also been bought by the Navy. In southern part land is also available for agriculture purpose but water scarcity is a problem due to low ground water table which can be resolved with the promoting the trend of constructing small dams which may kept water for agriculture while it is expected after creating many water reservoirs there that may further support the ground water.

Fortunately, people houses are built on the large plots in sizes which reserve enough spaces that is expected to accommodate the coming generation. In the light of the existing features (of land use) it would not be dense soon in near future. Along with this feature there are few chunks of land like (OPF) Over Seas Pakistani Foundation Colony and Satellite town still has lot of capacity to accommodate coming population. The said housing schemes in Turbat are thinly populated no matter all plots are sold out but there are many open plots there.
The city center of Turbat is not only the main commercialize center of Turbat city but also of the Kech district. People from all over the district come to shop in Turbat city. The city center accommodates all type of shops ranging from grocery, clothing, electrical and electronic materials etc. it also possess small portions specified for vegetable and fruit market. The city center is the main evidence of the underprivileged condition of the district Kech. Karachi has become the main primary source fulfilling the need and demands of Turbat city. Formerly goods were imported as well smuggled from Iran but due to the prohibition by the government of Iran the imports halted.


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