Mingora is located on the left bank of river swat in the picturastic swat valley in northern pakistan. The city is surrounded by hills from three sides; Jambil and Marghazar valleys open to the city and two rivirine of these valleys meet in the mid of the city. Mingora and saidusharif were considered twin cities,Mingora was the busniuss hub and saidu sharif was the administrative seat, but now it is one muncipility and the lush green belt between the two is converted into concrete jungle in haphazard manner.

Mingora remained in the grip of sever insurgency and its streets witnessed bloodbath in 2008/9 and in 2010 the city and the region  saw worse floods of its history. Now a days Mingora host a lot of  relief and development organizations, which compliment economic activities and employment oppurunities are created..

Mingora is the main  city of Malakand region and is divisional headquarter. Mingora has a university, a medical college and a teaching hospital. MIngora has fruit and vegetable marketand Three bus terminals which link the region to the whole of the country. Mingora has an airport (closed). Mingora serves a region which is called Provincially administered tribal area (PATA), where costum act is not extended and for that reason  the vehical prices are cheep, so the city has to obsorb a lot of traffic which creates conjustion, frequent jams and parking is a permanent issue in the city. 

Mingora has no sanitation system and solide waste managment needs drastic improvemnt. The city has no planning guidelines and is growing in hapahazard manner. Recently a by- pass road is constructed to link upper and lower parts of the valley.

MIngora has archeological sites,some of them are protected,. The lagecy of the region can be viewed in Swat meusum (Under renovation).

Mingora has a public library, and play ground, a cricket stadium is under construction almost for a decade and need special attention.



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World Culture Day - Monday, May 21, 2012
Review of ruralife in swat at Swat University, Wadoodia Campus, Saidu Sharif by students of Development Studies on 23 May 2012. Timing 9:15 am 

City Profile

Area (sq km)4654
Growth rate4.08
HH Size9.09
Pop Density/Sq KM107.4
Population 1998173868
Projected Population 2010280948.72

Socio- Economic Household Survey 2011

Source: Survey conducted by UN-HABITAT Pakistan in 2011 Download


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Contact List


NameType of InstituteInstitution Name
Fazal NoorAcademicSwat University
Dr. Israr M AhmedAcademicDevelopment Studies department Swat University
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