Rawalpindi is one of the five biggest cities of Pakistan. It is located adjacent to Islamabad Federal Capital Territory. Pindi short for Rawalpindi is a city district comprising of 7 Tehsils or sub districts. Pindi is the major gateway to northern and northwestern Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir and houses recreational and tourist facilities. In addition, Rawalpindi has some of the best medical and educational facilities in the country. Pindi is also the General Headquarters of the Pakistan armed forces.

Rawalpindi is located in the Potohar region and has a humid sub tropical climate. The average annual rainfall is 990 mm, most of which falls during the summer monsoon. The highest temperature during summers is 52C and lowest is -4C during winters. The Margalla hills form the watershed areas for Rawalpindi and Nala Lei is the main stream that brings water from the Margallas.

Rawalpindi was located on the invasion route, as a result of which the city was devastated several times before Jhanda Khan restored and named the city Rawalpindi in 1493 after the village Rawal. In 1857, a garrison was added to the city and in 1867, the city became a municipality. Urban Rawalpindi today comprise mainly of Rawal and Potohar towns and the vast areas of cantonments, Defense Housing Authority, Bahria Town and other housing schemes.

Pindi is the main market town in the region since Sardar Milka Sindh invited traders from Jhelum and Shahpur to settle here in 1765. After the inauguration of train service in 1880, trade and population boomed.  Also the British added to the local city markets, such as Saddar Bazar. Because of being adjacent to the Federal Capital the city has gained prominence and demand for services.  Since then manufacturing and service have also flourished. Murree road, Raja Bazar and Saddar are main commercial areas.



City Profile

Area (sq km)154
Growth rate3.2
HH Size6.7
Pop Density/Sq KM1146
Population 1998781927
Projected Population 20101142430

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