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How many cities in Pakistan have population of more than 100,000? What are the key issues facing District Headquarters of Pakistan? How many people live in urban informal settlements and katchi abadis? What is the average number of seats per public transport for women?

Urban Observatory gives you answer to such questions and help you in answering them. Go to the discussion board and raise an issue and we will carry the discussion forwards with youth groups, experts and policy makers.

Urban Observatory is making a page for every one of the 500 urban centers in Pakistan. Presently, pages for 8 cities, one each in Pakistan’s Administrative Region and Azad Jammu and Kashmir is ready for use. In addition pages for 30 Cities registered under the “Resilient Cities Campaign” are also being prepared.

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Urban Observatory facilitates information sharing and knowledge management. Registered users can use the portal interactively (real time) and upload and download files – documents, images, videos, maps, statistics, and presentations.

  1. The Discussion Board is for blogging, discussing and commenting on urban development issues
  2. Find out and comment on Urban Projects and promote your projects using the given template and comment box
  3. Become a member of the Urban Groups to share your contact information and network with other urban stakeholders
  4. Propose and make use of Urban Links
  5. Get to know your city well through the embedded Google map and upload images of public spaces and buildings and events in your city and town. We organize competition periodically for the best photos and images
  6. Track the urban news reporting on Herald Tribune and Daily Jang and find out Urban Trends

Make Urban Observatory your city page. Daily scan for news and views and comment and contribute towards urban development in Pakistan

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