Recommendations by Taskforce on Urban Development

The Taskforce on Urban Development submitted their recommendations to Planning Commission, some of the points are mention below:

  • Expand Inner City Markets: There are substantial opportunities in inner-city areas.  
  • Promote City Cluster Development: Promoting linear commercialization along inner-city roads .
  • Sub-National Government Financing: The local governments should be given financial autonomy and encouraged to raise more revenues from local taxes.
  • Roads and markets and other infrastructure already exist in urban areas.
  • Land supply in urban areas should be expanded through renewal projects in the inner areas.
  • Provincial Revenue Departments and urban local governments need to coordinate the conversion of agricultural land to urban uses.
  • Amend the zoning and building regulation and match the market preference at different locations.
  • Heritage conservation should be integrated into the overall cities/towns planning and development process.
  • Revitalizing HBFC by encouraging it to venture into new avenues such as community mortgage programmes, housing credit assistance to public and corporate organisation employees, support to bankable housing projects in the private sector.
  • Low income housing should consist of 60 Sq. meter plots, long and narrow: width to depth ratio 1:3, which permission to build ground plus 2-1/2 floors.
  • Planning should create independent neighborhoods around open spaces rather than along streets. Each neighborhood should not exceed 300 households.

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